Greg's Stories

Do you feel like you chase deals all over your town? Are you tired of wasting money on lead generation that doesn’t seem to work? Or do you feel like your business lacks focus?

Sep 14

A long time ago, I heard my father say that most people are too busy working to have time to think about how to make money.

Jul 10

Are you still using your personal Facebook page to promote your real estate business? Besides making you look like an amateur, relying on your personal profile to market yourself and your services means missing out on some crucial benefits. A Facebook business page provides a platform to share your story, connect with people in your target audience and post content that builds your authority.

Jun 27

You’ll stand out from the competition and win more listings if you take the time to identify the unique wants and needs of your target audience and create a pre-listing presentation that addresses how you are uniquely positioned to help them achieve their goals.

Jun 8

While websites are used to inform visitors about you and your services, landing pages are used to move visitors into a specific sales funnel based on their needs and nurture those leads until they are ready to buy or sell.

May 16

There’s a vast difference between a typical testimonial, which goes something like, “Mary is a great agent. We highly recommend her,” and a testimonial designed to convert prospects into clients. A great testimonial that will help you acquire new business helps your prospects see how you helped homeowners with situations similar to their own.

May 5