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The fall could bring cooling prices and more inventory, according to a new report from released Thursday
Jul 8
Late last month, the amendment to the Co-op Disclosure Law passed through the Westchester County Board of Legislators 15 votes to two, effective immediately.
Jul 7
In a USA Today opinion piece, Sheila C. Bair, the chairwoman of Fannie Mae's Board of Directors, laid out the factors homeowners should consider before agreeing to cash-out refinancing
Jul 6
Some homebuyers are being called back to the office earlier than expected, and it’s forcing them to drop out of deals and list the homes they just moved into, agents told Inman
Jul 6
The new educational program aims to attract college students interested in pursuing a career in real estate
Jul 2
Jonathan Spears wasn't always a leading agent in Northwest Florida. To get there, he had to do a lot of things right, but he also made some mistakes
Jul 1
Between courses and videos, there's an abundance of content new agents can choose from. To help, Jonathan Spears, a top agent in Florida, gave Inman his top 3 must-read books
Jul 1
In the first quarter of 2021, the homeownership rate among Black Americans was 45.1% compared to 73.8% among white Americans, according to a new survey from Redfin
Jun 30