Mike's Stories

Rather than looking at a wholistic picture of the rollercoaster of recovery, think of it as 10,000 different rollercoasters moving independently of one another. Not all markets will recover the same
Jun 24
Opendoor and Offerpad will now list homes directly. Ultimately, this new service, still in the early stages and not fully rolled out, represents a way for iBuyers to make money without having to actually buy houses
Jun 11
Evidence suggests that once restrictions are lifted in the hardest-hit markets, new listings rebound quickly
May 21
Unrivaled technology investment to boost agent efficiency has been a key component of the Compass narrative, but it remains an aspiration rather than a clearly demonstrable reality
Apr 30
The current evidence supports more of checkmark-shaped recovery rather than a V- or U-shape — beginning with an immediate drop that lasts 3-4 weeks, followed by a gradual recovery
Apr 21
This tactical move is by no means a sign that iBuyers will fail. Opendoor’s deep pockets allow it to weather the current storm and remain intact (albeit smaller)
Apr 16
It’ll take several more weeks to fully determine if this is the bottom and possibly several months for new listing volumes to return to normal levels
Apr 15
One of the top leading indicators of transaction volume decline, new listings, has dropped an average of 63% in the markets earliest hit by COVID-19
Apr 7