Rachael's Stories

Setbacks and failures will happen, but it's what you learn from these valuable mistakes that allows you to continue to grow into the next (and best) version of yourself
Dec 27
Building confidence takes hard work and patience, but these helpful hints will get you there a little bit faster
Nov 22
However you decide to make your business plan this year, remember to leave a little extra room for kindness and compassion. Apply it generously and often
Nov 20
Your safety is something that needs to be top-of-mind for every interaction with the public, especially at showings and open houses
Oct 8

Homesnap Pro+ offers a user-friendly way for real estate agents to claim their name online, with three core functions that will make the process of creating a Google Business profile — and benefiting from it — accessible to agents at any “tech” level.

Feb 18
Don't get discouraged, just try something new
Mar 2
A book review of Bernice Ross's 'The PQ Factor'
Feb 16
Everyone gets a little overwhelmed sometimes
Dec 22