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A new Apartment List study provides the first hard evidence that large numbers of millennials who would like to become homeowners are so frustrated that they have changed their minds, at least for now
Dec 5
There are a million different rationales you can use to convince clients on timing. It really depends on their circumstances
Oct 14
Market trends and emerging businesses and tools are hampering the dream of buying a home for 19M millennials who are stuck renting
Aug 14
Flat-fee discount brokerage Clever Real Estate thinks there absolutely is
Mar 27
Options like ClosingCorp and CFPB's 'Know before you owe' program are helping buyers take the guesswork out of closing costs
Jan 4
Feeling a shift? It's not just your imagination
Nov 2
Here's how to talk to your clients about this closing expense
Nov 1
Could this be the answer for everyone being priced out of homeownership?
Jun 14