Steven's Stories

It’s hardly news that our industry is filled with dozens of lead generation strategies. We’ve sat on webinars, read the stories and talked about it socially — but apparently, some of the things we’ve heard aren’t necessarily true.

Jul 18

Have you ever used a software solution or other technology and thought: this is a great product, but I just need a few of these tools? Think about Microsoft Word. How many of those tabs have you legitimately used? It’s hard to imagine needing a tool for citations and footnotes when all you’re doing is writing a basic document.

May 24

Let’s discuss your primary strategy for generating real estate referrals. Conventional wisdom has it as: the better the customer service, the more referrals. This is why so many real estate teams dedicate their agents to providing a white-glove treatment for their clients. In the real estate industry, we think it’s the differentiating factor between all the other teams and brokerages.

Mar 2