Tony's Stories

No matter how great your product, without leads you’ll go broke. Nikola Tesla invented the radio, the X-Ray, and AC electricity — three of the most important inventions in history, yet died penniless. After inventing the AC motor and failing to get his company Tesla Electric Light Company off the ground, he had no choice but to take a job digging ditches for $2 a day.

Feb 25

Listing agents often ask me how to vet the buyer and his or her lender, so I put together a short list of questions I would recommend asking the lender when you receive an offer.

Jul 2

Shopping for a mortgage can be overwhelming and sometimes utterly confusing. Points, no points, closing costs, rebate credit — the options seem endless. Trying to compare rates from one lender to another? It’s not as easy as it sounds. Rates change daily, so unless you are getting updated quotes from all lender options on the same day, you’re not comparing apples to apples.

May 12

For FHA case numbers assigned on or after June 15, 2015, there will be significant changes to current guidelines, which will impact the typical FHA borrower both positively and negatively. Here are some of the most game-changing aspects of the new FHA rules.

Apr 29