Creative financing rules as investors head into spring with fewer options
Real estate investors are heading into spring facing the same inventory and interest rate woes that are dampening all of real estate. But sometimes necessity is the mother of invention
by Taylor Anderson Mar 21
Falling existing-home sales reverse as record-streak of price hikes end
Existing-home sales surged 14.5% in February, reversing a yearlong trend of falling transactions from one month to the next, according to data Tuesday by the National Association of Realtors
by Ben Verde Mar 21
The tug-of-war between millennials and boomers heats up this spring
5 real estate experts explain how rising mortgage rates, inflation and economic uncertainty could impact baby boomers and millennials this spring and how both groups can succeed
by Marian McPherson Mar 20
Even after layoffs, 3 in 4 mortgage lenders lost money in Q4 2022
Lenders lost $2,812 per loan as business dropped off faster than they could trim expenses and production costs hit a record-high $12,450 per loan, Mortgage Bankers Association survey finds
by Matt Carter Mar 17
'All strapped in': Luxury clients face whiplash as banking fallout unfolds
The sudden change in the global banking landscape has left luxury real estate clients hanging out 'in the parking lot,' Kofi Nartey said, as they wait to see where the remaining chips will fall
by Lillian Dickerson Mar 17
Zillow CEO Rich Barton: 'The real pain is probably coming'
Zillow — which held $3.4B in cash and investments at the end of 2022 — is well prepared to weather any storm, including the banking fallout, Barton said in a new interview on Thursday
by Ben Verde Mar 17
Real estate industry reacts to the SVB meltdown: The Real Word
This week, Byron Lazine and Nicole White discuss Brad Inman's view on the Silicon Valley Bank collapse, Plunk's impact on the real estate industry and Elon Musk's future Texas fiefdom
by Byron Lazine Mar 17
Mauricio Umansky's 6 tips for helping new agents navigate a shift
It’s not always possible to predict how the world — and therefore the market — will shift. What we can do is teach new agents how to navigate the changing tides
by Mauricio Umansky Mar 17
Multifamily construction delivers boost to housing starts in February
Apartment building construction soared 24% in February, lifting new housing starts overall despite a weak month for single-family builds, according to data from the US Census Bureau
by Ben Verde Mar 16
LISTEN: It’s not too late to advocate for affordable housing
Have we reached the point of no return when it comes to affordable housing? Dr. Lee Davenport and her guest, Georgia State University's Dr. Dan Immergluck, discuss the peril and possibilities
by Lee Davenport Mar 16
45% of sellers offered concessions coming into 2023: Redfin
As the market shifts, so are homesellers' tactics. Nearly half of sellers offered concessions or price cuts during the beginning of the year, a reverse of years of bidding wars
by Marian McPherson Mar 15
Builder confidence inches up as developers brace for lending anxiety
Builder confidence rose 2 points in the latest National Association of Home Builders' Housing Market Index, but economists fear lending challenges in the wake of bank failures this month
by Ben Verde Mar 15
‘Just a freakish bit of data’: Sticker shock imperils spring home demand
Economists revealed to Intel how mortgage rates and inflation will bring the spring homebuying market back toward historical norms and become the new sales benchmark for years to come
by Marian McPherson Mar 15
58 cities that had million-dollar homes in 2022 don't anymore: Study
The number of US cities where the typical home value was $1M or more has dropped from a high of 522 in July 2022 to 464 as of January 2023. Coastal states have been most severely impacted
by Lillian Dickerson Mar 14
Housing still biggest contributor as inflation slowed pace in February
While the Consumer Price Index jumped a modest 0.4% month over month, the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank could keep rate hikes at bay, economists said Tuesday
by Ben Verde Mar 14
Keller Williams' sales dip in US as agent count takes big leap overseas
Transaction sides fell 18.2% year over year for a total of $472.9B in sales in 2022, a 12.5% decline, according to a full-year earnings report released Monday afternoon by the Texas-based brokerage
by Jim Dalrymple II Mar 13