2 groups tell court that CFPB's Cordray should stay
Groups want federal court to hear their positions in the ongoing PHH-CFPB battle
by Amy Tankersley | on Dec 5, 2016
Interest-rate spike flattening, but move up isn't over
President-elect Trump has one asset which might break all of the rules for the better: action
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RIP Fannie and Freddie: 1968-2017?
The new Treasury Secretary nominee, Stephen Mnuchin, would move the GSEs out of government control
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Can your client afford to sell now? Mortgage tool has answer
OpesView mobile app enables buyers to get a full picture of their financial future
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Conforming mortgage loan limit raised to $424,100
This is the first increase in the loan limit since 2006
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4 ways Trump's administration could change housing
What we know about mortgage rates, inventory, infrastructure plans and ripple effects from yesteryear
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How to eliminate common roadblocks to homeownership
Don't let your homebuyers be surprised by unexpected expenses
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3 inspiring real estate lessons from NASA's twin brothers
Who knew space travel and mortgage regulatory pressures had so much in common?
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CFPB seeks rehearing in PHH case
Bureau says three-year RESPA battle with mortgage lender could be ‘the most important separation of powers case in a generation’
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Mortgages are close to 4.125% -- did Trump do that?
How the global bond move-up, the Federal Reserve and the election are affecting rates
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3 factors that impact the decision
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How much influence do you have over a client's lender?
Freddie Mac study finds a majority of agents are referring clients to lenders but don't feel comfortable fielding mortgage questions themselves
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Is it time to raise the jumbo limit on housing?
It's been 10 years since the maximum conforming mortgage limit was set at $417,000
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Mortgage rates jump post-election
The bond market started going haywire yesterday -- here's the result
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Why people will power mortgages, not technology
Mortgage tech works best when combined with old-school relationships
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