Will political paralysis eventually affect markets?
Politics may have some effect on economic prospects and long-term rates, but that will be weeks to months ahead
by Lou Barnes | 8 hours
Are expansion teams the emerging superpowers of real estate?
ETs are Uber-like platforms that scale while flying under the legal radar
by Brad Inman | 8 hours
Flaunt your trusted network with revamped Relola tool
Upgraded feature to launch with Facebook and agent website functionality for sharing home professional connections
by Craig C. Rowe | 16 hours
Why you can't do business without relationships and tech
It's easy to get caught up in today's marketing trends, but focusing on committing to your client is always a win
by Karen Elmir | 4 days
Should buyer's agents attend inspections?
I would never want to miss an inspection; here's why
by Andrew Wetzel | 6 days
5 tools that could make your mobile office possible
Options for agents on the go who need listing presentation, scanner, digital document and CRM support
by Craig C. Rowe | on Mar 17, 2017
Why accelerating the transaction is our collective burden
The homebuying process is a smoldering train-wreck, held together by bailing wire and paperclips; it will remain so until all service providers collaborate to fix it
by Patrick Stone | on Mar 15, 2017
Why Cuba's living nostalgia reminds me of U.S. real estate
With modernization comes convenience, progress, and lost culture of the past
by Brad Inman | on Mar 13, 2017
Invitation to discrimination: 'Love letters'
In a seller's market, buyers need a competitive edge, but where's the line between competition and encouraging bias?
by Keryn Giguere | on Mar 10, 2017
Is photography free?
I've had people who've used my photos tell me that because they're on the internet, they should be fair use
by Teresa Boardman | on Mar 10, 2017
Skyler360 brings Facebook Messenger into the mix
A year after launching as a one-man business, the Skyler360 founder has added staff and boosted his software
by Craig C. Rowe | on Mar 10, 2017
Open letter to Ryan Serhant re: Zillow/StreetEasy
Jason Cassity shares his perspective on the portal's 'Premier Agent' features
by Jason Cassity | on Mar 10, 2017
Should the real estate exam be harder?
I just passed my final exam, and I found it to be short, not particularly complex and lacking depth
by Cheryl Rose | on Mar 9, 2017
When friends play hide-and-seek with your business
Agents should think twice before venting in front of potential clients, even if they are their besties
by Lee Davenport | on Mar 8, 2017
Do some business models make bad agents?
In my marketplace, the highest producing agents don’t work for desk fee companies
by Bill Lublin | on Mar 6, 2017