Zillow Group's new brand, 'millennial worship' and Upstream
On this episode of 'Industry Relations,' Rob Hahn and Greg Robertson hash out the hottest issues in real estate and tech
by Inman | Apr 26
Why JotForm is better than your current forms tool
Electronic forms builder should give reason for popular solutions to rethink their product
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6 types of consumers who could benefit from Opendoor
Opendoor removes the personality from the transaction and gets back to the business deal, which may be the right fit for some clients
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Stop celebrating numbers, start championing service
Two vastly different cultures shaping the real estate business
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New agent? 4 tech tools to get started
Not every technology solution is ideal for new agents -- here are four that can get you that first deal
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Why real estate needs to stop whining about tech disruption
And actually do something about it
by Dustin Brohm | Apr 21
Web platform aims for the agent-less transaction
Transaction platform lets buyers and sellers communicate directly on home sales
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Share local content, become the expert
Online platform helps agents use content to stand out and own their market
by Craig C. Rowe | Apr 19
What you should tell clients about Freddie's mortgage survey
It's a useful tool, especially to show clients where rates have been recently and historically, but every agent must understand the lag
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What's behind the drop in long-term rates?
The 10-year T-note dropped to 2.23 percent last week, taking low-fee mortgages almost to 4.00 percent
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Why the best agents are the ones no one hears about
Be an advocate who wants this industry to be recognized for the profession it is
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Should you join a real estate team? Dueling perspectives
The case for and against teams, and whether they're good for the industry
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Why the saying 'buyers are liars' isn't for me
Every showing is a new opportunity and should be welcomed
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MailChimp-Facebook ads merger streamlines agent marketing
The email service provider has integrated with a number of platforms to evolve from email provider to robust e-commerce platform
by Craig C. Rowe | Apr 12
Real estate, the choice is yours: Opportunity or train wreck
Brokers are being hit from all sides by one threat after another that cannot be ignored
by Brad Inman | Apr 11