All-cash buyer rules renewed for another 180 days
The rules will remain in place through August 22, 2017
by Amber Taufen | 20 hours
4 reasons Dodd-Frank won't be repealed by Trump
It's unlikely to be overturned entirely or prompt a subprime lending surge
by Matthew Gardner | on Feb 16, 2017
Zillow Group plans to appeal $8M photo copyright verdict
VHT awarded damages in jury trial
by Caroline Feeney | on Feb 10, 2017
How Trump's tax plan could affect real estate agents
Changes to tax brackets and deductions will impact filing and returns
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Never helped a client buy in the country?
How utilities can be different once you venture away from city centers
by Beth Campbell | on Feb 7, 2017
What 'dynamic snoring' has to do with proposed tax changes
Dynamic scoring is the attempt to decipher what will happen if X, Y, Z unfolds
by Lou Barnes | on Feb 6, 2017
Friday's job numbers won't slow pending rate hike
Some analysts say reports take pressure off the Fed to hike again in March -- here's why they still might
by Lou Barnes | on Feb 6, 2017
HUD halts MIP reduction: Reactions from real estate
NAR expresses disappointment in the decision; agents and brokers speak out
by Caroline Feeney | on Jan 23, 2017
What we can learn about leaders from their speeches
Friday's speech was another rally rabble-rouser; here's how it measures up
by Lou Barnes | on Jan 23, 2017
How the appraiser shortage is affecting homeowners
There’s a growing problem in the real estate industry -- beyond ever-climbing housing prices and inventory shortages.
by Erin Sheckler | on Jan 20, 2017
Confirmation hearing could raise foreclosure questions
An investigation into the foreclosure practices of Mnuchin's former company is raising eyebrows
by Amy Tankersley | on Jan 16, 2017
Could these questions help avoid MLS dysfunction?
Business changes can lead to disputes if you don't set expectations upfront
by Mitchell Skinner | on Jan 12, 2017
CFPB kicks off 2017 with leadership changes
Bureau installs five new officers as it continues to battle legal challenges to its single-director structure
by Amy Tankersley | on Jan 10, 2017
The $130M Zillow-Move legal bloodbath: A retrospective
Highlights, low points and a resolution
by Caroline Feeney | on Dec 30, 2016
PHH asks court to deny CFPB rehearing
Mortgage lender says court’s finding that CFPB’s single-director structure is ‘unconstitutional’ should stand
by Amy Tankersley | on Dec 28, 2016