How the Fannie Mae discrimination lawsuit could affect you
Some agents and brokers who list the GSE's homes could find themselves directly in the line of fire
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2 groups tell court that CFPB's Cordray should stay
Groups want federal court to hear their positions in the ongoing PHH-CFPB battle
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Interest-rate spike flattening, but move up isn't over
President-elect Trump has one asset which might break all of the rules for the better: action
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2 potential economic realities for Donald Trump in 2017
Things could go the easy way, or they could go the hard way
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RIP Fannie and Freddie: 1968-2017?
The new Treasury Secretary nominee, Stephen Mnuchin, would move the GSEs out of government control
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CFPB seeks rehearing in PHH case
Bureau says three-year RESPA battle with mortgage lender could be ‘the most important separation of powers case in a generation’
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What does President Trump mean for the housing market?
8 ways our new commander-in-chief could affect homeownership for the next 4 years
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Can brokers relax about MSAs after the PHH decision?
Although decision upholds RESPA’s exemptions for certain affiliated business practices, industry leaders caution that it’s ‘not a green light for MSAs’
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Affordable housing projects breaking ground in DC
Habitat of Humanity of DC, Level 2 Development partner for affordable homes project
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'Not a close call': PHH indisputably wins CFPB court battle
Mortgage lender topples regulator in case over whether its captive reinsurance practices violated RESPA
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Happy birthday, TRID: Here's what Realtors think of you
NAR survey finds pros and cons for agents in the first year under the new mortgage transaction regime
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Full disclosure: Maryland has new open house disclosure laws
Would you bother showing a single house to someone who you're not representing?
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How a rocky real estate MSA unraveled into dueling lawsuits
'First-of-its-kind' agreement crumbles in federal court cases alleging breach of contract
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HUD releases new rules covering language, gender
The Department of Housing and Urban Development clarified regulation standards
by Marian McPherson | on Sep 20, 2016
Mark Zuckerberg's Palo Alto complex plan rejected
The Facebook CEO hoped to revamp four properties surrounding his home
by Marian McPherson | on Sep 20, 2016