April 8th - April 10th | Parker Palm Springs

Imagining the Future

UPDATE: Caterina Fake, founder of flickr and Hunch, host of Should This Exist, VC & tech thinker, will join us for a provocative discussion on the future of technology.

April 8-10, 2019, real estate’s best and brightest will come together in Palm Springs for Disconnect, where we will define and debate the industry’s pressing issues and build (literally) a blueprint for the future.

Who owns the transaction in five years? Who controls the data? How is the consumer experience different? What will the real estate value chain look like? Who wins, who loses?

We will dig deep on these questions on the gorgeous grounds of the Parker Hotel and off-campus in the inspiring landscape of the Coachella Valley. Then, we will actually build a physical manifestation of what that real estate world looks like, constructing the pieces of an actual model for the future. This object will then be shared across the industry, leading the way for where we all need to go.

Get ready for another mind-blowing Inman experience.

Disconnect is an invite-only event. If you didn't receive an invitation, and you think we missed you, email us at josh@inman.com.

Featured Speakers

Caterina Fake
Yes VC
Chieh Huang
Sara Auster
Meditation Teacher
Rufus Gifford
Reality TV Star
Merritt Hummer
Bain Capital
Paul Boomsma
Leading Real Estate Companies of the World
Robert Reffkin
Anne McCauley
Endpoint Closing

Digging in on the important issues:

  • The Data: Who will own it, who will control it and how will it change the industry? What will data control look like in five years?
  • The Market, Trends, and New Buyers: How will the market and the product we’re selling look different? What can we expect from lawsuits, individual buyers, investors, transient renters and the new demographics in five years?
  • The Players: What are the future roles of the franchise, brokers, agents, tech companies and iBuyers? What does the real estate value chain look like in five years?
  • The Business Models: Which will take hold and how will they affect compensation, the structure of the industry and the role of agents? Which model will prevail in five years?
  • The Transaction: On demand, certainty and seamless transactions, what does it mean? What parts of the process will be automated in five years?

(Re)defining the way we do business:

  • A World Without Independent Contractors: How does a next-generation company deal with contractors, employees, iBuyers, and more? Will independent contractors be wiped out in five years? What percent of the industry will employee agents represent in five years?
  • Partnerships, M&A, and Consolidation: They will define the industry. How will the industry come together and what is the outlook for the next five years? Who will be the dominant companies in five years?
  • iBuying & Instant Offers: What does institutional buying and investment capital mean for the future of the industry? How much of the market will this approach represent for sellers and buyers in five years?
  • A Single Listing Database: What will it look like, who will control it, and will it be free? Will there be a national database? What are the new standards for MLS’s?
  • Platforms: Who will build them and what will they do? Which will be the dominant platform in five years?

We will work through these issues on-campus at the Parker and off-campus in beautiful Palm Springs on these exclusive activities:

  • Horseback ride through the canyons
  • Golf against a glorious backdrop
  • Tour an architecturally renowned mid-century compound
  • Hike up Smoke Tree Mountain
  • Dye with natural, indigenous plants

Not invited but think you should be? Email us.


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