[VIDEO] Agent Reboot: Network with the Best & Brightest

This video takes a quick look at our time at Agent Reboot in Orange County, Ca.  Had a great time hanging with some friends from around the country and also had a chance to meet some really cool new people in our industry!  Agent Reboot is a great way to stay on the cutting edge of real estate, social media & technology.  It seems as though everything we do in real estate today is tied to technology and Agent Reboot is a must for today’s agent.

Inman has done a fabulous job of bringing the top talent in for a full day of technology!

If you suck at Twitter or have no idea what SEO is then this event is the place for you.  Network with the best & brightest in our industry and utilize this technology in your hyper-local real estate market!

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Hope to see you all very soon at Real Estate Connect in San Francisco!