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3 flavors for Inman News memberships: Free, Premium and Premium Plus

All members can create newsletters, fliers with new REmessenger platform

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Today, Inman News launches new memberships, including powerful tools for building newsletters and fliers using Inman News content. The home page has also been redesigned to prominently display more of the latest top stories, and to clearly designate which content requires a paid membership.

The membership changes are substantial. In addition to a free, basic membership offering that includes daily free content and access to online marketing tools that integrate that free content, Inman News has lowered the cost of its paid memberships and is offering two tiers of paid membership.

Our goal is to extend the reach of our award-winning content — including news, advice, commentary, research and analysis — to a broader audience of real estate professionals and consumers, and to enhance the sharing features for our content.

We also realize that we live in economically challenging times, and we want to ensure that there are levels of membership that make financial sense for every reader. Given the business intelligence that Inman News offers, coupled with access to new marketing tools and conference discounts at various levels of membership, we believe Inman News represents an amazing bargain.

While our most prized in-depth, enterprising news coverage and commentary, which spotlights the industry’s hot-button issues, trends and technologies, will be reserved for paid members, all members can enjoy a broad range of news stories and advice that will remain publicly accessible and shareable with your colleagues and clients alike.

Articles that are accessible only to paid members are labeled with a blue button that features a star symbol and the word "PREMIUM" (see example at right).

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The new membership offerings include:

Free. Access public articles, get breaking news alerts, receive daily and weekly headlines, and use a starter version of REmessenger, a new Inman News platform that allows you to send single articles and multi-article newsletters to clients and other contacts.

Premium ($49 per year). Access Inman News premium content, get breaking news alerts, receive premium newsletters, receive a 10 percent discount for Inman News conferences, and gain premium-level access to REmessenger, which allows you to build customized real estate newsletters and fliers using Inman News content and content that you create yourself. Premium members can share up to 24 premium Inman News articles per year with their imported contact lists.

Premium Plus ($99 per year). Access Inman News premium content, get breaking news alerts, receive Premium Plus newsletters, receive a 20 percent discount for Inman News conferences, gain access to the Premium Plus Lounge at Real Estate Connect conferences, receive two free passes to attend an Agent Reboot event, and receive Premium Plus Plan usage credits for the REmessenger platform. Premium Plus members can share up to 72 Inman News premium articles each year via REmessneger.

Members can pay for the rights to share more Inman News premium content via the REmessenger platform if they exhaust the sharing credits that come with their level of membership.

Chris Smith, Inman News chief evangelist and contributor to InmanNext, an Inman News site focused on practical, actionable news and advice for real estate agents, walks you through how to use REmessenger in this video:

View another REmessenger demo:

Let us know how you like the changes. These new offerings are designed to create a better experience for you, the reader, and to help you better engage your own audience. Watch for more exciting offerings from Inman News in the coming months.

Learn more about our new memberships: Free, Premium and Premium Plus.

Glenn Roberts Jr. is managing editor for Inman News.

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