Email Is Not Dead: 25 Awesome Email Marketing Tips

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Inman News recently found that 98% of top earning real estate agents find email marketing to be useful in converting leads into appointments and closed business. The days of using AOL for this part of your marketing are over. Recently, powerful new email marketing tools and strategies have emerged.

Do you currently have an A+ email marketing plan in place?

In this FREE webinar, sponsored by HomeFinder.com, we will cover:

  • How often should you be sending emails?
  • What is the best time of day and best day of the week to send emails?
  • What should you email your buyers versus your sellers versus your past clients to ensure they stay engaged?
  • How to write great subject lines and calls to action.
  • Optimizing your email for the mobile revolution.
  • What email marketing programs are the best and easiest to use?
  • Which data points should you be tracking with the emails that you are sending?

This webinar by Inman News Chief Evangelist, Chris Smith, will be a rapid-fire style presentation.

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