Technology relaunches with ‘device agnostic’ responsive design

Change caters to growing use of mobile devices among real estate agents and consumers

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New-home search site has relaunched with responsive design, catering to the growing use of mobile devices among real estate agents and consumers. Responsive design is a type of Web design that adapts a site's layout according a user's screen size, thereby allowing users to view a site comfortably on any device, including smartphones and tablets. recently launched a responsive design website platform for agents, Homes Connect Fusion. “With over 80 percent of consumers using websites to search for new homes, and over 65 percent relying on mobile and tablet search engines, the transition from PC/laptop users to tablet/smartphone users has been radical and fast-moving,” said John Navarrete, managing partner of Prologue Branding Group, the branding strategy firm selected by Builders Update to design the site, in a statement. “Our goal was to deliver the Builders Update message and value proposition succinctly and effectively in a device-agnostic m...