You’ll wonder how you ever lived without these 9 mobile apps

Mobile has become indispensable to real estate

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We’re not going mobile anymore, we’ve gone mobile. And that’s a good thing! It means you can (and should) set up your business so you can manage it on the go. Doing so gives most clients exactly what they want: the ability to to do business anywhere at any time. Mobility makes life easier for your clients, but it can also make life easier for you. Here’s how: Transform paper into PDFs Too much paperwork is a major problem in real estate (and frankly, in life). Keeping it organized can be a major headache; heck, keeping it from getting lost in the bottom of an overstuffed briefcase is tough enough. Going paperless is the solution, but sometimes we find ourselves receiving important paperwork with a scanner miles away. So what do you do? My answer is to take a picture of each document as soon as I get it and scan it into my mobile device as a PDF. Here are three apps that can help you do that: DocScan: With DocScan, you can crop and straighten your pictures, ...