Earn more referral income with less work using ReferralExchange

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Referrals can be difficult and time-consuming. It’s already tough enough to find great agents for your clients, but chasing down your referral fee is often even harder.

ReferralExchange is the perfect solution for your referral business — as well as any other leads outside of your preferred price point, area or property type.

Learn how ReferralExchange can help you earn more referral income with less work:

  • They match your clients with three great agents.
  • They handle all of the paperwork and processing.
  • They guarantee that you’ll get paid a 25 percent referral fee when the deal closes.

This webinar walks you through how easy it is to use ReferralExchange, the resources you get as a member, and some tips and tools to help you make more money from your referral business than you ever thought possible.

Brought to you by ReferralExchange, the premiere real estate referral resource enabling agents to make the most out of their referral business.