Become the go-to agent in your farm and sphere

Grow business in your sphere and farm with less work

Growing your business from your sphere of influence takes work. Growing your business from farming takes work. How can you do both at the same time, with less work?

SmartTargeting by SmartZip is a predictive marketing platform that streamlines your marketing and targets your best prospects in one system. Whether you farm, work your sphere or do both, you can manage all of your marketing touches and lead management through SmartTargeting.

This SmartTargeting tour will show you how:

  • Predictive analytics can identify your best listing prospects in both your farm AND your sphere of influence
  • Online advertising can uniquely target your best prospects and keep you “top of mind” for the long term
  • Marketing with the right message at the right time can mean the difference between winning and losing

Score big when you nail the bullseye the first time and every time with SmartTargeting.

Brought to you by SmartZip, a national leader in predictive marketing solutions for the real estate industry.