5 ways real estate agents can respond to: ‘Please don’t call me again’

It's possible to sow seeds for future business with a sign-off
  • Parting ways with humor, thank-you letters or a mention of buyer clients can create opportunities or lighten the mood.

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A real estate agent recently received a firm response after soliciting a homeowner's business, to the effect of: "I am not selling. Please don't call me again." How should she have responded? Respect the homeowner's wishes and move on, most agents agree. But there are a number of ways to sign off tactfully, perhaps even while sowing seeds for future business. Read through our list of five responses to "don't call me" -- which can be expressed verbally or as a written response, whether you're answering via phone, text message or email. Which align most closely with your business goals and ethics? 1. Move on immediately Buzz off if you're asked to, many agents say. "If someone is happy in their home and made it clear they don't want you to contact them, why would you antagonize them?" asked New York City-based licensed real estate salesperson Stacey Raiman Simens, commenting in the real estate Facebook group Lead Gen Scripts and Objections. Lenox, Massachusetts...