Direct mail isn’t dead – Learn the why and how to help your brokerage

Direct mail is key for broker brand awareness and attracting and retaining clients

Everything seems to be moving online these days. More and more people are getting information and offers from mobile devices. Does this mean direct mail is dead? If you said yes, think again!

This webinar will show you how to best utilize direct mail strategies for real estate using Xpressdocs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why direct mail is an essential part of the real estate marketing strategy
  • How direct mail can be tied with other cross-channel marketing efforts
  • Tools in the Xpressdocs Marketing Platform that enhance your team’s direct mail efforts
  • How Xpressdocs is making it easier than ever to develop and execute marketing campaigns

Learn the the integral role direct mail plays in your brokerage’s marketing mix, and how Xpressdocs can help you leverage it to dramatically increase both business and brand awareness.

NOTE: Due to technical difficulties, the last 45 seconds of the webinar were not recorded.

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