Get Facebook referrals without annoying your friends and followers

Stay in front of your people with zero effort & have them thank you for it

Did you know that, according to Forbes, 78% of salespeople who are active on social media outsell their peers? RE SocialBot is an easy-to-use marketing platform that posts custom content to your social media channels on your schedule to drive traffic to your personalized web page

Leveraging social media for real estate is a delicate science. What you post and the way you post it might be alienating the very audience you want to draw in.

RE SocialBot is a marketing platform that posts custom content to your social channels on your schedule, driving traffic to your personalized website.

The bottom line? You stay top-of-mind!

In this webinar, RE SocialBot’s Jason Lutz shows you:

  • Tactics you’ll want to immediately implement in your social marketing strategy
  • How RE SocialBot helps thousands of RE pros procure Facebook referrals without annoying anyone
  • How to stay in front of your friends and followers in a way they will actually appreciate

Brought to you by RE SocialBot, real estate market content auto-posted to your social media.