How I learned to stop chasing "hot" leads & work my database like a boss

The hottest leads you've got are just waiting for you to light them up

Are you still using the top-down, hot lead, or funnel-based approaches to lead marketing? If you are, then you’re probably aware that 97 out of 100 leads are simply ignored because they’re just not ready to buy right now. Knowing that the average industry conversion rate for online leads hovers around 3%, why do agents continue to focus so heavily on “hot” leads?

This webinar discusses lead generation in all forms as a tactic for growing your database and your bottom line, including:

  • How to embrace the “active vs. inactive database” approach to marketing
  • The types of technology modern agents must have to compete in today’s landscape
  • The systems that allow you to scale your database marketing to exponential levels
  • How leveraging your database with the right processes, people, and technology will make you more money than chasing hot leads ever could

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