The Power of Disruption — Surviving the Ever-Changing Real Estate Industry

A new platform that solves 5 top threats in real estate today

As an agent, you know the process of buying and selling real estate is broken. Despite the multitude of tools and tech options flooding the RE space, transactions still seem slow and complex. There’s a better way!

Loomlogic connects agents, teams, lenders, and TCs from one central hub, allowing you to consolidate processes and positively disrupt the norm.

In this webinar, Loomlogic’s visionary founder Alex Tkachuk gives you a sneak-peek ‘under the hood’ of the new Loomlogic platform and discusses solutions to the top 5 threats facing the industry today.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tools that grow your connected network and streamline the entire transaction process
  • Tech insights into changes in the real estate industry
  • Predictive sales and performance analytics that help you add value, stand out from the competition and take back financial control of your business

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Brought to you by Loomlogic, simplifying real estate transactions by connecting agents, lenders and TCs via one, easy-to-use interface.