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RAP Success Systems is one of the few full-service real estate solutions on the market today.

RAP Success Systems is one of the few full-service real estate solutions on the market today. With RAP Success Systems you will have access to a powerful marketing platform that helps real estate agents Build a Power Brand, Increase Conversions & Grow Sales

Features include:

  • Fully trained, US-based ISAs with dedicated teams assigned to your practice.
  • Fast and consistent outreach to your leads to increase conversion, including Live Transfers of the hottest leads directly to you in real time.
  • All-in-one, done-for-you marketing automation to keep you engaged with every lead in your database using the premier Real CRM Pro, powered by LionDesk.
  • Creating and posting new listings to agent’s social media

Free access to intensive coaching, training, and peer-to-peer mastermind groups to help you stay sharp at lead conversion.

Agents choose customized packages based on the sales growth targets they want the service to help deliver. While the leads that RAPSS delivers are warm, agents must have a savvy follow-up procedure and effective closing strategies to turn them into clients. This is truly a partnership requiring both the agent and RAPSS to roll up our sleeves and deliver more leads than you ever thought possible!

RAPSS systems are delivered through its subscription-based products Lead Conversion Pro and PowerBrand Pro. Agents pay a referral fee after the sale closes. Because RAPSS has skin in the game, it’s careful to qualify and follow up with leads based on the best practices in lead conversion.

With automation, delegation, and optimization in play, your business is positioned for explosive growth!

To learn more about how to boost your lead conversion, set up an appointment with RAP Success Systems or visit www.rap.systems/inman.

November 11, 2017
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