Growing an agent/lender team? Avoid the #1 tech pitfall

How connected platforms help you stay client-focused and keep leads alive

Are you still managing people, transactions and data using separate (and disconnected) CRM and TMS platforms? It’s likely you’re losing 30-35% of your pipeline leads and spending more time chasing paperwork than taking care of clients.

Loomlogic built a better way to create visibility and accountability throughout the entire transaction process. This webinar gives you a sneak peek at their new four-in-one platform, which connects agents, lenders and transaction coordinators via one, easy-to-use interface.

See how Loomlogic will help you:

  • Fully retain leads and gain visibility throughout the lender process
  • Manage agent teams and grow referral agent networks
  • Easily connect with top-performing lenders to accelerate and automate lead responses
  • Gain visibility from pre-approval to closing via one centralized hub

Find out how smart agent teams run and grow their real estate business, with the only tool that gives you complete visibility and clarity at every stage in the home buying and selling process.

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Brought to you by Loomlogic, simplifying real estate transactions by connecting agents, lenders and TCs via one, easy-to-use interface.