Homesnap Facebook Ads for Agents

presented by Homesnap

Your potential clients are on Facebook an average of 14 times a day, and you need to be there when they are!

Homesnap’s ad creation tool makes it easy to launch a Facebook ad campaign in under 5 minutes.

Homesnap Listing Ads will promote your latest listing or sale and include:

  • Your headshot
  • The property’s listing image
  • Attractive graphic design
  • Ad copy
  • Local geo-targeting + your Homesnap sphere
  • Instagram optional add-on
  • Automatic budget optimization
  • Reporting dashboard

Homesnap does all the heavy lifting, including creating and publishing the ad. You can even automate your account using our Subscribe & Save program, which will automatically place an ad any time you have a new listing or sale. Use Homesnap’s optimized Facebook ads to easily reach local homeowners and show them that you’re an expert in their area.

Click to preview the personalized ads that we created just for you!

Homesnap is the public-facing brand of the Broker Public Portal, an industry-grown initiative to provide a consumer home search portal that follows Fair Display Guidelines and sends all leads to the listing agent or broker for free. If your MLS is not participating in the Broker Public Portal, please encourage them to visit to learn more.

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December 12, 2017
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