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Homesnap puts you in front of prospective customers on the listing pages of national portals

You no longer have to overpay to get in front of prospective customers on the listing pages of national portals.

Homesnap has partnered with Google to allow you to target those same prospects where they spend the majority of their time online–before they end up on the national portals.

Homesnap has helped over 30,000 agents run more than 200,000 advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook, Instagram and Waze.

Homesnap Pro Ads on Google include:

  • Search – 78% of homebuyers and sellers begin their search for a home or agent on a search engine. We help agents place optimized search ads in their target zip codes to capture those high-intent leads as they begin their search.
  • Display – We create beautifully designed, interactive ads that help you capture the attention of consumers as they browse millions of popular websites.
  • Gmail – Gmail has more than 1 billion monthly users who check their inboxes 15 times a day on average. We place your ads in the inboxes of active homebuyers and sellers to help you capture new leads.

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Homesnap is the public-facing brand of the Broker Public Portal, an industry-grown initiative to provide a consumer home search portal that follows Fair Display Guidelines and sends all leads to the listing agent or broker for free. If your MLS is not participating in the Broker Public Portal, please encourage them to visit to learn more.

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December 12, 2017
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