CINC Marketing and CRM Software

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CINC (Commissions Inc) is an agent-focused technology solution that enables you to win more deals with less effort and in less time.

CINC‘s 30,000+ top producers rely on our tools to power their teams to drive bigger business and a better life. Our solution offers a full suite of services including:

  • A consumer website that integrates with local MLS data
  • A complete relationship management platform
  • Personal (virtual) ISAs
  • Mobile apps to run your business on the go
  • Transaction management services

Anyone can have a database of leads, it’s what you do with them that truly impacts your business and success. Our relationship management tools ensure you are constantly top of mind with your leads, regardless of where they are in their buyer journey.

Speed to Lead and Prioritization are foundations of our platform. Agents instantly connect with new leads anywhere, anytime. Once a new relationship begins, CINC prioritizes leads based on their activities, allowing agents to prioritize their time.

Maintaining a long term sales pipeline is what sets real estate pros apart. CINC’s automation helps you scale communication through prebuilt email campaigns, text notifications, customizable property reports, call reminders and behavior tracking insights to engage your leads.

Done-for-you lead generation is a core part of our business. As a CINC client, you’ll have an assigned marketing manager responsible for constantly fine tuning and recalibrating lead generation campaigns. We do the heavy lifting of lead generation so you can focus on selling.

All of these services come with the best training and support in the industry and membership to an elite and supportive community of users. We do Whatever it Takes to make you successful.

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Key Integrations:

  • BombBomb
  • DotLoop
  • Zapier
  • Skyslope
  • Breakthrough Broker
  • Zillow
  • Google
  • Corefact
  • And over 50 more!
July 7, 2018
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