RICOH All-In-One 360° Virtual Tours

presented by RICOH Tours

No other service combines speed, affordability and ease-of-use like RICOH Tours agent mobile virtual tour solution.

RICOH Tours puts virtual tour creation in the hands of every agent.  Create professional looking 360° tours in minutes with any mobile device and the RICOH Theta camera. Once complete, tours can be immediately posted to your listing services or shared on social media.

RICOH Tours addresses challenges for real estate agents by adding simplicity to their jobs and affordable professionalism to their virtual tours. Time is tight, especially for agents looking to grow their portfolio. RICOH Tours offers the assurance and confidence that they can get it done, get it done right and right now.

Advantages of RICOH Tours:

  • Get customer engagement metrics not readily available on other platforms.
  • Market yourself and your properties with interactive 360° tours.
  • For the flat rate of $45 per month, subscribers will benefit from unlimited active immersive tours, agent mobile app, management console and virtual visitor analytics.

What’s more, RICOH Tours requires no professional, technical or photography experience or expensive tools – the process is all done via an easy-to-use mobile agent app on an iOS or Android device and a 360° camera for high quality images.

Agents connect to the RICOH Tours app via a Wi-Fi connection, instantly capture with one-click high-quality 360° images with high dynamic range (HDR) and create complete tours on the go.

For added convenience, Ricoh is also announcing the RICOH Tours 360 Kit, available for agents as an option to their subscription. The Kit includes the RICOH THETA V camera and TM-1 camera stand for a special launch price of just $419.

RICOH Tours can help give agents a marketing edge, by allowing them to leverage the power of Ricoh’s award-winning 360° cameras, now complemented by the intuitive RICOH Tours software and service. This means that the camera, mobile app and web app are all developed and supported by Ricoh. If any questions arise, there’s only one place an agent has to go for feature requests and support – further simplifying their experience.

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July 7, 2018
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