Daydreaming of a better way to manage transactions?

With so many systems on the market, take a moment to think about the one you really want

Let’s say you had a simple tool in the palm of your hand.

Something that fixed all that ails your transaction management today, whether you were an agent, administrator, or broker.

Imagine that! You could pick up the kids from school on time. Watch a movie with your partner. Enjoy a coffee, plan a trip. You could do it all without worrying about the time or money it takes to manage a real estate transaction.

What would that tool look like? What would it do? It would:

Start things on the right foot.
You’d need something to write listing agreements. Then, you’d want to use that same app to upload your listing to the MLS, and pull in all of the necessary forms from your association. This would make sure agents have all of the data they need to jump from a listing into a deal.

Bring agents and clients together.
You’d need something to facilitate client communication. So it would have to send offers back and forth in a simple and consistent manner. This would help agents and clients collaborate in real-time and stay on the same page.

Help agents shine during negotiations.
You’d need something to make negotiations simpler. So it would have to ensure emails and faxes have all of the correct and legally-required information. This would simplify the negotiation process and give agents the opportunity to do what they best: close deals.

Make signings go faster.
You’d need something that can, when the offer is firm, quickly get a digital signature. So it would have to send all of the agent’s contracts directly to the client’s inbox. This would speed up the back and forth and get the deal done faster.

Make it simpler to finish the deal.
You’d need something that connects agents to the brokerage, so all the work they’ve done doesn’t have to be done again by the office. It would have to send data back and forth between the agent and the back office, so the deal can be efficiently managed, closed, and paid out.

Keep your data safe—for as long as it has to.
You’d need something that ensures the brokerage is in compliance with local and state regulations. So it would have to date- and time-stamp everything, get it all into storage, and protect your business from an audit.

Help you make more money.
Finally, you’d need something that helps you make more money with the next deal. A single deal creates an unbelievable amount of information, and things like commission percentages, sales volume, market information can be used to empower agents and brokers to improve their performance. So it would have to produce insights and provide them to the people that need them the most.

And, most of all, it would automate every single step for you.

What a dream that would be!

Here’s the thing, though.

This tool isn’t some vision from the future. And you don’t need to daydream to find it.

A better deal is already in your hands. Unbeknownst to so many agents and brokers in North America, it is 99% possible that everything listed above is available through the transaction management solution available to you as a member benefit.

It’s up to you to use it.

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