Kanye West's 'Star Wars'-inspired domes have been torn down

The rapper was given a Sept. 13 deadline to remove the structures, which he once envisioned as affordable housing

The bizarre domes that Kanye West constructed on his Calabasas property were razed Friday after failing to meet building regulations.

This summer, the star rapper began building a set of four Star Wars-inspired structures on the 300-acre property that he and Kim Kardashian call home. But the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works got wind of the project, which West once envisioned as either affordable housing or homeless shelters, and informed him he had to obtain building permits by Sep. 13.

Carl Bjorklund / Shutterstock.com

After West’s team failed to get the proper permits, the city ordered them to be razed. As of Monday, at least three of the four structures have come down.

“It’s the objective of our building officials to help property owners build in a way that protects public safety and is in compliance with state and county codes,” a representative for the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works told CNN. Some outlets reported that neighbors in the gated star-studded community complained of noise and construction while the structures were being built.

The $60 million Calabasas property, where West and Kardashian live with their four children, regularly comes up in the news. This spring, Kim Kardashian posted a video all about the home’s custom sinks after social media users were left mystified about how a seemingly flat surface could collect water.

West and Kardashian also bought a $14 million Wyoming ranch, which West reportedly used last week to put the finishing touches on his new album.

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