Why retargeting should be part of your firm’s marketing strategy

This deceptively simple technology is the secret sauce of effective digital marketing

Retargeting: What is it and what does it mean for your firm?

At this point, we’ve probably all experienced retargeting. Let’s say you just spent an hour browsing grills online and decide last-minute that the expensive new infrared gas grill you’d been eyeing can wait for another day.

But then that same grill pops up on other sites even days later, bringing up the same feelings of backyard BBQ mastery and reminding you how much you want it. That’s a very simplified version of retargeting and how it’s experienced in the real world. Now, wouldn’t you love your firm or agent to be the ad following a nice warm prospect around the internet?

Patch your marketing funnel

Think about your marketing funnel. Maybe you have a rock-solid marketing strategy for building brand awareness. Your agents are attending local events and blogging, your firm is mailing postcards, running email campaigns, and you even use Adwerx to run automated digital ads on the web and social media. Your agents are getting tons of hits on their websites by interested prospects.

That’s great!

But 98% of people who visit a website leave without completing a call to action (CTA). Once they leave, they’re unlikely to return. If you’re not using retargeting, you have no way to get in front of these people or remind them to come back. Your marketing funnel is leaky, and you’re losing potential clients who might evaluate your agent and commit to your firm.

That’s not so great.

But can retargeting patch that leak? There is plenty of data to support that it does. The average click-through rate on retargeted ads is 10 times higher than that of traditional digital ads. After these prospects return to your website, they’re 70% more likely to make a purchase or complete the CTA.

Make your firm sticky

Sounds like a no-brainer, but why should your firm invest in this marketing service for your agents? Most brokerages provide tools that cater to their listing agents. Why not add a service that delivers value for your whole team? Retargeting is just as useful for buyers’ agents as sellers’ agents and at the firm level, it has a multitude of benefits. The most obvious is that it increases revenue potential for every single agent. Offering advanced digital marketing strategies that contribute to productivity also makes your firm look more knowledgeable and attractive, helping you retain and recruit motivated agents. But unless you’re a digital marketing expert, implementing it might not be as easy as it sounds.

Solutions like Enterprise Automated Retargeting allow you to add the service at scale for all of your agents, without knowing anything about the technical aspects. Your agents won’t need to do anything, and ads will automatically be displayed across the web and social media, targeted to the people who have shown interest in your firm. Your brand is consistently represented and you have the opportunity to recapture prospective clients. Automate processes and leverage the advanced technology available to ensure that your marketing efforts are delivering as much ROI as possible.