Here's what the iconic 'Friends' apartment would have looked like through the decades

Home services website Angie's List showed how Monica and Rachel's apartment would look in different time periods

Would you still recognize Monica and Rachel’s apartment in the groovy decor of the 1960s? What about in the bare bones style common throughout the 1940s?

To celebrate the 25th anniversary this weekend of the launch of the iconic show Friends, home services website Angie’s List has put together images of what Monica Geller and Rachel Green’s apartment would look like in different decades before the show premiered.

Each photograph plays up design trends popular in that decade — from the striped wallpaper and “mushroom lamps” of the 1970s to the art deco tabletops popular across homes in the 1920s. The setup is pretty much the way the gang liked it, though the walls, consistent with styles popular in each time period, are not always purple.

“Even today, first-time homeowners too young to watch Friends the first time round are catching the reruns and immediately ordering purple paint and gold frames for their interiors,” Angie’s List writes on its site. “But what if the Friends apartment had existed before the gaudy nineties even happened?”

Take a look at what everyone’s favorite apartment (even Joey and Chandler knew it was better!) would have looked like in each decade before the start of the show here:

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