IBuyer Bungalo now screening homes for paranormal activity

Throughout October, Bungalo will screen all its homes for ghosts, ghouls and things that go bump in the night

If ghosts and poltergeists are not something you want in your new home, have no fear. Bungalo, a one-year-old iBuyer platform backed by Austin-based Amherst Holdings, is celebrating Halloween by hiring experts to screen all its listed homes for supernatural creatures.

The iBuyer platform, which lists houses in Charlotte, Dallas and Tampa, will bring in paranormal investigators to do a thorough supernatural check along with its usual third-party and 160-point inspections. Bungalo launched last year and has $150M in backing and another $1B committed from parent company Amherst.

“The best things about October are cooler weather and Halloween,” Bungalo President Deb Bradley told Inman. “So while every Bungalo home is thoroughly inspected before it’s listed, we decided to take our inspection process one step further this month and provide buyers with peace of mind of another kind.”

The paranormal experts, who have appeared on shows such as “Ghost Adventures” and “Ghost Stories” on the Travel Channel, will screen each home for things like unusual electric fields, unexplained movement and hidden presence and then issue a “Paranormal Inspection Report” with its results.

Bradley said that, while they wanted to tie their paranormal screening program to Halloween, many of their clients are seriously interested in whether the home they want to buy has a history of strange sightings. According to their research, 86 percent of homebuyers want to make sure that their purchase does not have “any future headaches or expenses.”

“We took our time hiring credible paranormal investigators, and then having them clear any spirits and provide completed inspection reports,” Bradley said. “The goal here is to give our buyers real peace of mind.”

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