iReal Estate Pro’s mission is to empower Real Estate Agents for the best consumer experience. Our training is designed to empower you with the tools and training you absolutely need in order to transact with iBuyers and institutions in your market with 100% transparency and still win.

iReal Estate Pro is an all-in-one solution for emerging technology and disruption but more importantly options for their customers. The education is extensive and highlights why consumers are thinking the way they are, how to use the tools, what messages to use, marketing, advertising, mindset training, and more. Once the agents have completed the certification and training, iRep opens up the lab of marketing materials and resources to help certified agents hit the ground running and not waste time creating marketing materials. They even include an instant offer lead-gen website template at no additional cost.

  • iRep certified agents are also armed with the iRep Marketplace. Essentially a market-specific arsenal of options for their customers. The iRep Marketplace provides agents with further insight about each of these new options but also tips and tricks for each as well as direct submission links to all of the options available.
  • The latest and greatest tool recently introduced to iRep Certified agents is the ‘Donna’ tool. Donna is a tool designed to save agents time and money as they navigate this new world. Agents are able to submit a property and all its photos and information to one place and Donna does the rest. Donna will work as the agent’s administrative assistant to send the property to all the appropriate options available in the market. Donna will even create a customized net sheet showing what all of those options are and agents can bring the net sheet to their listing appointments without lifting a finger.
  • It doesn’t stop there. iRep Certified agents are also invited to a closed forum of other certified agents as well as representatives from all of the buying/selling options. The community is filled with dialogue about best practices, new tools, new strategies and most importantly community to experience, share and continue learning as things continue to change daily, weekly, and beyond.

In the end, it’s all about the consumer. Agents who level up and become trusted advisors with multiple options will not only survive but thrive in the new world. Not to mention provide the ultimate experience to their clients & consumers in uncertain times and have the skills required to meet their customers where they are in the journey.

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