Faster and More Affordable True 3D Virtual Tours

Metareal Inc. announces the culmination of 5 years of intensive research, development, and testing, as it launches Metareal Stage v.1.0. Stage is a game-changing solution to create and publish web- and VR-ready 3D virtual tours that empower Real-Estate Media, Tourism, and Architecture businesses to deliver truly 3D virtual tour experiences more quickly and affordably than ever before.

Founded in 2015, Metareal is a Québec-based reality-capture technology developer focused on innovative solutions for the real-estate, tourism, and architectural design industries. Metareal’s flagship product is Metareal Stage, an all-in-one 3D virtual tour platform, offering the quality and smooth navigation you expect from a 3D tour, built with speed and ease of shooting ordinary 360 panoramas.

Key features of Metareal Stage v.1.0:

  • Use Any Camera – Unlike other 3D tour platforms that lock you in to specific cameras or a costly dedicated scanner, Metareal Stage works with any 360 camera, any DSLR with a pano-head, and even smartphone cameras with 360 rotators.
  • True 3D Virtual Tours – Metareal Stage virtual tours are real 3D spaces, so movement is smooth and proportional, and they all feature accurate stereoscopic depth and scale when viewed in VR – even if shot with a non-stereo 360 camera!
  • 3D Models Included – Every Metareal Stage tour comes with a 3D Model that visitors can orbit on-screen to get an overview of the layout of the property.
  • Floorplans & High-Quality Floorplans – Metareal Stage tours all come with standard floorplans. If you’d like a high-quality vector PDF floor plan, you can also request it and our production team will build it for you.
  • Fully White-Labeled – On paid subscription plans, Metareal Stage tours are completely white-labeled, making them MLS-friendly. The Premium plan even lets you completely re-skin the tour player, so you can ensure your tours fit perfectly with your customer’s brand.
  • Annotations & Interactive Notes – Add rich media annotations to tours, with text, images and links. Enable note sessions for tour viewers to add comments and suggestions.
  • Software Development Kit – Using our javascript SDK, it’s easy to integrate Metareal Stage virtual tours with all kinds of web applications, controlling them interactively, adding custom media, or even extracting detailed analytics.
  • DIY or Full Production Service – Using Metareal Stage you can either use the tool to build the tour yourself, or, if you’re short on time or prefer to focus on shooting more tours, you can have our production team build your tours for you, fast, reliably – and affordably.

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