Offrs is the industry leader in Seller Analytics and Seller Lead Generation. Last year, we successfully predicted over 70% of all homes listed prior to them ever hitting the market. Our new Smart Apps encompass any and all types of marketing and outreach you need to get in the door first with campaigns powered by our Smart Analytics!

Offrs is an analytics and marketing company from Sarasota FL that has been working in the real estate space for the past 7 years to predict homeowners most likely to sell their properties next. We collect homeowner information from over 30 top data providers and analyze the data. We quantify financial, social, property data, and online behavioral factors to identify homeowners with a high likelihood to sell their properties in the next 6-12 months. Last year Offrs was able to predict over 70% of the nations listings on average prior to them ever hitting the market. We strive to assist you in pinpointing your most valuable marketing opportunities in order to stay top-of-mind with future clients.

We at Offrs are proud to introduce the Inman community to our new Smart Apps Platform! A plug-and-play marketing one stop shop for any and all of your seller marketing needs, powered by Offrs data and analytics. Have full control of your marketing budget and customize where you want your ad spend to go all in one place. We want to help find the combination of marketing tactics that work best for you and your market, on your budget.

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