In Real Estate, your reputation is everything.
It’s time your great reviews work as hard as you do.

RateMyAgent is a digital marketing platform built for great agents to harness the power of verified reviews to validate, differentiate and grow business. From the free Basic profile that brings all existing and new reviews together to create a comprehensive view, to the robust Digital Pro subscription that brings those well-earned reviews to life through targeted online ads, listing reports that highlight great reviews near the property address, and unique landing pages for each review to improve SEO and expand that ever-important digital footprint. Tied directly to the real estate transaction, their reputation and relationships, agents can finally focus on serving their clients well, knowing the effort will be rewarded, and will provide powerful content based on 3rd party social proof to grow future business.

A Complete View of You

RateMyAgent easily displays all of your reviews in one place. We even tie them directly to the transaction for extra credibility. Not only will you have a comprehensive view of your work, this gives you a powerful SEO boost.

Our system automatically pull reviews from these only:

  • RealSatisfied
  • Zillow

Verify reviews from:

  •  GoogleMyBusiness
  • Any other reviews from any other platform!

A Complete Digital Marketing Solution

RateMyAgent makes it easier than ever to create valuable content that highlights your business. You’ve earned great reviews, so put this verified feedback to work.

  • Promoter: highly targeted 3-click digital advertising leveraging both the Facebook and Google ad networks, to get your reviews in front of potential clients.
  • GoogleMyBusiness: integrate with Google to add your recommendations to both the reviews and updates section of the knowledge graph on the search engine results page.
  • Listing Report: rich, data-driven property reporting that ties relevant reviews to the address. Wow your client by sharing who and what you know about the area.
  • Social Media Manager: automagically share reviews, listings and sales with your business account followers.
  • Website Widget: flow new positive reviews directly to your domain to keep page content fresh and up to date.
  • Free Prospect Market Report: showcase comparable sales, reviews, rankings and statistics-tailored to a prospect’s address.
  • Video Testimonials: instant, value-driven video based on your review data.
  • Sold-selfies: add personal context and that human touch to your profile with pictures of happy clients to demonstrate your brand and personality.

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