What If You Could Take 4 Simple Steps and Get Back Hours Every Week? It’s Time for a Real Estate Revolution.

Real Estate. Simplified.

Welcome to a simple path for all real estate parties and transactions. One app that puts the process in the palm of everyone’s hand. Visible. Secure. Accessible. RoadtoClose™ empowers users and gives everyone a view from the driver’s seat. Giving you more time for things that improve your bottom line. RoadtoClose™. Real Estate. Simplified. It’s how real estate moves.

  • RoadtoClose™ is a cloud-based software application that gives all real estate parties visibility from contract to closing. The tool allows users to create a customized dashboard with task assignments, in-app messaging, progress reports, and fast document uploads.
  • Through seamless communication and visibility of all tasks and transactions, the RoadtoClose™ software application brings your buyers and sellers in on the process improving their experience, and reducing the hours you spend trying to communicate.
  • Strict permissions keep information private. Users can view progress on all properties and quickly update clients through the app keeping things moving through collaboration and accountability. RoadtoClose™ gives your buyers and sellers a transparent and smooth journey while giving you more time to build your business.

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