Hailed by Forbes Magazine as “user-friendly” with “a data-driven backend to help easily list new offerings”, ACCESS is the cutting-edge Digital Listing Presentation™ and first true Digital Open House™  tool of the future for real estate.  Created by Agent Image, the premier award-winning real estate marketing and website design firm that caters to top-producing agents, this is the first tool ever developed to help brand you and showcase your properties like never before.

ACCESS puts control of data and information back in the agent’s hands – giving clients access to information that they can’t get anywhere else. It turns traditional listing presentations into uniquely branded, memorable, interactive storytelling that sets every agent apart. This will forever change how you present listings and share homes with your buyers.  This software incorporates best-in-class technologist all under one roof:

  • Beautifully branded, customized, and easily sharable presentations
  • Stunning pre-designed themes or the ability to create a completely custom design that you can use on every property
  • Immersive walkthroughs of homes to share with all your buyers
  • Personalized video that details each room, interactive maps, floor plans, images, and unlimited property data that can be updated in real time
  • Seamless integration with existing technology, such as Matterport 3D virtual tours
  • Optional security features to limit who views your tours and protect privacy

But what really sets ACCESS apart is its data driven back-end to help agents analyze user behavior and easily identify new offerings while providing invaluable data to their clients.

While the inception of ACCESS began in October 2019, the pandemic and lockdown revealed a broader need for tech-savvy agents to find ways to connect with potential buyers – not just for the now, but to elevate the dynamics of realtor-client relationships and the future of the entire real estate industry.  To beta test their newest digital tool, Agent Image had Million Dollar Listing Star & co-founder of Eklund | Gomes, Fredrik Eklund, advise and shape the user experience. “Nobody wants to watch a 10-minute video with classical music,” Eklund says. “What people want is passionate and educated agents, someone with personality and spark walking them through the house. Through the software, we do exactly what we do so well, but taking that into a virtual world.”

Led by Managing Partner Jon Krabbe, Agent Image has launched over 20,000 iconic industry websites and digital solutions for real estate professionals around the globe. “COVID-19 accelerated the demand exponentially for something that was already needed,” says Jon. “While most tech-savvy agents were already seeking ways to create an all-immersive digital open house experience for their clients, I think it was 100% realized by the world as soon as the pandemic affected the real-estate market.”

The launch of the software will take place at the end of January 2021 and Inman members can sign up here to be first in line to get access to ACCESS.

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