Rocket Pro Insight gives real estate agents the power to adjust a client’s approval letter, help them clear roadblocks and everything in between – and they can do it all in one place. 

Using Rocket Mortgage® technology, agents are able to manage multiple clients, track their home loans and provide guidance to help keep their mortgage moving forward. Helping clients clear those mortgage roadblocks has never been easier by using the document upload tool. Agents can provide the paperwork needed on their client’s behalf. 

Real estate agents also have the ability to adjust their client’s approval letter amount using Rocket Pro Insight, so they can make an offer that stands out. Plus, gaining insight into a client’s approval letter amount means agents know their client’s budget before they start showing new homes. 

Rocket Pro Insight also allows agents to easily refer their clients to Rocket Mortgage® for their home loan needs. Their clients get the award-winning support from the incredible team of home loan experts, while agents are still able to have full visibility into the loan status. 

Signing up and using Rocket Pro Insight is quick and simple. Try it today!