No Inventory?

Turn the “off-market” ON.

Contact and submit offers automatically to off-market homeowners and get your clients the home they really want.

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With less than 1% of the homes in the U.S. ever going on the market, buyers struggle to find the home they REALLY want. DropOffer opens a whole new world of inventory for your clients and helps you find them the home that best fits their needs. Leveraging patent-pending technology, DropOffer allows you to contact any homeowner of an off-market property and submit real offers from your clients directly to them. With just a click of a button, agents gain access to property facts including prior sales information, current home valuations, and the ability to directly contact off-market homeowners and submit offers in real-time.

Utilizing multiple delivery methods, targeted directly to homeowners, you can contact to gauge interest in selling and drop an offer on inventory not currently on market. Don’t let limited inventory stop you from making your clients happy and you from making sales!

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