The Adwerx Enterprise Automation Platform is real estate’s only digital advertising solution proven to maximize agent productivity and improve agent retention by simplifying your marketing and managing it for you. Our full-service solution provides all of your digital advertising in one simple, automated platform. Through a combination of automated listing ads, laser-targeted recruiting ads, personalized streaming TV commercials, tailored custom audience campaigns and automated website retargeting, Adwerx will help you to:

Gain the Competitive Edge

Personalized commercials on top streaming TV services give you and your agents a revolutionary way to reach clients. Plus, targeted ads across Facebook, Instagram and premium websites keep agents top-of-mind.

Tailor Custom Messaging

State-of-the-art ad targeting provides a mix of custom audience campaigns, precision geographic reach, and automatic retargeting that empowers your agents to deliver personalized messaging to their ideal network.

Offer Personalization at Scale

Customized ads enable your agents to make a personal connection with every ad impression. Showcase your agents’ headshots, names, and your firm’s branding with brand-compliant ad templates tailored to your brand and style

Over 200 innovative real estate brokerages are doing better business with Adwerx. Learn more and schedule your demo today to see how you will gain the competitive edge in your market.