homegenius offers uniquely sophisticated, brilliantly simple, and totally trustable solutions from search to close.

homegenius, a Radian company, combines an array of title, valuation, asset management, and other real estate services into a full-service ecosystem that is insanely sophisticated, brilliantly simple, and totally trustable.

homegenius offers innovative experiences from search to close, enabling lenders, investors, consumers and agents to benefit from integrated and personalized solutions, often leveraging advanced technology and the latest developments in data science, machine learning and AI.

homegenius offers real estate professionals a variety of services and solutions, such as –

  • geniusprice: Provided by Red Bell Real Estate, LLC, geniusprice technology replaces the traditional CMA, helping agents and brokers bring next-level analytics to living room conversations.
  • titlegenius: A new platform providing a simple, transparent, and secure way to order title insurance and closing services online.
  • homegenius connect: Kick the portal habit and join a real estate network that gives you the opportunity to meet high intent, “ready to go” home buyers and sellers.

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