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Every day, hundreds of thousands of our subscribers are sent relevant emails about industry happenings. They look to their Inman subscription as their #1 real estate news source. By taking advantage of email advertising, you reach a massive audience of real estate agents, brokers and executives.

Dedicated Emails

Your message, delivered in HTML format, to a list of your choice of target audience. Our emails provide a massive opportunity to engage and delight prospective customers.

Daily Headlines Email Ads

The day’s top news stories, blog posts, online videos and more. Delivered once a day Monday-Friday to over 130,000 subscribers. A unique opportunity to be prominently features in our headlines.

Weekly Headlines Email Ads

Similar format to the Daily Headlines emails, this recap of the week’s top stories and more is sent to nearly 270,000 subscribers. Distribute your message to this growing list of real estate professionals and reach an audience ripe for your offerings.

Daily In-Brief Email Ads

This email will feature your ad and your ad alone. A short email delivered once a day, Monday-Friday, to over 141,000 subscribers. A prioritized email that features the most timely real estate technology and industry-driven news items of the day.

Weekly Best Email Ads

Delivered each Sunday to a list of 271,000 subscribers. This email highlights the most engaging stories of the week

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