Anthony's Stories

Luckily, there are a handful of tech solutions to solve any disagreements in procedure
Mar 24
Sometimes, tech can't help you do it all
Feb 18
Brokers should have all newly formed teams and partnerships prepare a detailed and exhaustive contingency plan for all possibilities and situations, including the eventual dissolution of the partnership
Jan 21
How brokers can encourage agents to double down after a year of success
Dec 17
Florida real estate agents need look no further than their colleagues in the legal profession for inspiration in effective marketing despite severe restrictions
Nov 19
There are many common-sense strategies agents can use to separate their personal social media accounts from their business accounts
Oct 22
Annual awards should be used to motivate and recognize agents at all levels of experience and production
Sep 17
Agents, title companies, closing attorneys, lenders and insurers should be diligent about avoiding even the appearance of giving or accepting 'kickbacks' for referrals
Aug 20