Anthony's Stories

It's always tempting to hire a hot agent from another company, but brokers need to be very careful when that agent competes directly with an existing top producer already in their office
Dec 18
Here's one way to handle this very important and personal decision
Nov 20
Transitions can be challenging even under the best of circumstances, but here's how to handle a situation where agents feel their opinions aren't as valued as they should be
Oct 16
Agents should insist on setting the best price before agreeing to terms with sellers and 'cut bait' when the advice on pricing goes ignored for too long
Sep 17
Sometimes smart real estate customers feel more entitled to reduced commissions from their real estate agents, but agents can hold firm by educating buyers and sellers
Aug 21
There are plenty of strategies agents and brokers can put in place to ensure steady streams of business
Jul 17
Brokers should create an atmosphere where safety is the top priority and reinforced with frequent reminders and qualified training
Jun 19
Although it is each agent’s responsibility to keep up with industry technology, the broker can create workshops to help educate those who feel left behind
May 15