Bernice's Stories

As real estate professionals, we have to be cautious and intentional about what we say due to fair housing laws and equal employment regulations. People who feel you have the wrong attitude are free to report you to authorities
May 28
You might find more abundance flowing your way
May 20
Brokers and agents in California need to start adjusting their roles as the law defining contractors v employees is upended
May 13
The next round of platform wars will be won by the companies that nail the end-to-end consumer experience
May 8
Three agents wanted the job. Find out what the winning agent did right
Apr 29
This could be the landmine that blows up the Moehrl 'bombshell' lawsuit
Apr 23
Figure out where you fall into the mix, and then use these guidelines to see which tools and strategies will strengthen your natural skills
Apr 22
If you’re in favor of a carveout for real estate from the Dynamex decision, get busy letting your assembly members know exactly how you feel
Apr 9