Brad's Stories

76-year-old Bill Foley wins more deals than he loses, and more often than not, he turns his acquisitions into gold
Apr 12
How Compass’ IPO performs this week will tell us a lot about what the future holds
Mar 30
Of the 10 largest real estate firms, eight are now publicly traded. These companies represent 575,000 agents, almost 45% of all Realtors
Mar 9
Opinion is redeeming itself after sitting on the sidelines of the digital real estate wars. With soaring profits and booming traffic, now may be the time to sell
Mar 3
The mercurial Keller Williams founder Gary Keller still operates like a cowboy, running his sprawling global enterprise as he sees fit
Feb 24
The real estate industry's tight grip on the consumer, the listing and customer data is loosening as choices for the public continue to grow
Feb 22
Zillow delivered tangible value to agents while the legacy industry stood still. Now, Zillow has become the industry's octopus, its tentacles reaching everywhere
Feb 15
Many agents lamented online Wednesday that Zillow's acquisition of ShowingTime is about Zillow getting its hands on data. As often happens, this is a misplaced fear
Feb 11